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In 2019, Allan was elected to a second term on Philadelphia City Council. As a leader, Allan has focused on government accountability, creating jobs, expanding the city’s tax base, reducing poverty, and improving public education.
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Allan Domb

For more than 40 years, Allan has called Philadelphia home. Starting out as a young entrepreneur working multiple jobs and attending classes at Temple University, Allan has made a career in real estate and built a successful Philadelphia company. 

After decades of private industry success, Allan decided to pursue public office to bring a new voice and vision to City Hall. But his business background is not the only experience to shape his perspectives. Growing up, Allan’s family was often at-risk of being evicted from their small apartment. It is this combination of personal and professional experiences that motivates Allan’s work in City Council. 

Ultimately, Allan’s top priority is to make Philadelphia the best place to live, learn, earn, and visit in the 21st Century.

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